2 months today

2 months today

When looking at my calendar this morning I realized that this little online shop has been open for two months today.

I was rushing until the last minute to get everything uploaded and ready for a10 pm EST launch of the website. I was very happy and excited, but also so terribly anxious. At times, my hands were shaking. I couldn't type, and my heart and brain were racing.

I had very recently been delivered a real blow to my original business plan. I had invested a lot of time and money, and I had dreams that I wasn't ready to give up on. I also new that I had three very special products that was I working to develop (the first of these arriving in late September - next month!). If I didn't act fast and lay the appropriate ground work they were all going to be dead in the water. I had to pivot quickly and forge a new plan. I had no idea if I would sell anything or if anyone would "show up".

My mother came over with milkshakes to keep me company. It was nice to not be alone. A strawberry one for me and a chocolate one for her. While those are our favorite flavors any day, we thought it charming that we were sitting in my home office silently watching my laptop and drinking milkshakes that were the colors I'd chosen for this brand. Strawberry and chocolate. Blush and coco. And we drank them out of fun pink and white straws that I had been saving for something else.

You showed up, and shopped and placed orders! 

It's been a wonderful two months, and this little brand has a lot to be proud of in a short amount of time and that's all because of you. None of this would be possible without your support. I'm so very grateful. 

Cheers to 2 months! I can't wait to see where we are in 2 years and 2 decades! 

The best is yet to come!

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