Are your designs hand painted?

Yes! All of our designs are painted by hand. They are also stitch painted which means that the paint on each intersection of the woven canvas is clear and distinct. 

Does my canvas come with a needle?

Yes!  All canvases come with a John James Tapestry Needle designed for needlepoint in the appropriate size. (Size 22 for 18 mesh; Size 20 for 13 mesh) These needles are of the highest quality and exceptionally smooth. 


When can I expect an out of stock canvas to be back in stock? 

If an item is listed "Out of Stock" on our website know that we are currently working to re-stock this items as soon as possible. Please sign up for our emails to be notified when a design is back in-stock. 

Do you offer needlepoint finishing services?

We recommend @theneedlepointfinisher!