2023 silk sisterhood scarf

2023 silk sisterhood scarf

This design represents the sisterhood of needlepointers, and is found in this year's needlepoint canvas collection. The best women come together to support, affirm and teach one another. We celebrate the strength of our sisters, and we hold one another up in our times of need. 

This rich brown is the color of chocolate and coffee. It signifies reliability, stability, trust, and loyalty. Light pink is a delicate hue that conveys femininity, hope, and optimism.The combination of our brand colors, rose and cocoa, give a sense of elegance and sophistication when they are paired together.

Circles are a universal symbol with profound significance. They lack a starting point and an end, as well as sides or edges. They embody wholeness and unity. 

The circles in this design symbolize our individuality and our connection to one another.

I am incredibly fortunate to have a remarkable partner in Italy who has been crafting exquisite fabrics for renowned fashion designers in Europe and the United States for over half a century. 

I'm thrilled to share this timeless treasure with you in thanks and celebration. 


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