a christmas eve tradition

a christmas eve tradition

Traditions are important. They provide stability and identity, while strengthening relationships and connecting us to each other and our roots.

A few years ago, I started the tradition of serving caviar on Christmas Eve.  I love caviar, and Christmas Eve is a delightful occasion to serve this special treat. I serve on a silver platter with a lovely glass of champagne and a good sparkling grape juice. Everyone drinks out of champagne flutes on Christmas Eve (even the kiddos!), and it's just so much fun!  The children have the best time drinking out of and clinking glasses with the adults.  If you ever join us, you'll be propositioned countless times my little ones: "let's cheers!" It's adorable. They look you in the eye, smile, clink and drink! We're all clinking, sipping and it's too fun! And memories are made!

I designed a caviar bilini ornament to celebrate and honor this Christmas Eve tradition.

Some traditions fizzle, some need to go, and some die with our loved ones. Things change. I encourage you to began a new tradition for your family this year. It can be big or small. I liked the idea of serving caviar, because this is something we can call do no matter where we are and no matter who we're with. And hopefully it's a tradition that can easily be carried on, even when I'm gone. I've just got to be sure all of the children love caviar, right? No worries, I'm starting them young. 



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