A Christmas Tradition

A Christmas Tradition

Pomander balls are an ancient way of scenting a room. Piercing oranges with cloves release a delightful fragrance that smells just like Christmas. 

Pomander Balls are a beautiful and bright way to decorate your home for the holidays. My home is always filled with pomander balls during the holidays. They're beautiful placed in a bowl that really brightens up any room during the dark chill of late fall and winter. I knew I wanted to design a collection of needlepoint ornaments to honor this tradition. 

I envision them on a garland, a wreath or simply hanging on your Christmas tree. I wanted these designs to welcome a variety of decorative stitches to add textures and dimension to the different patterns. And french knots for the cloves, of course!

I've chosen baby blue ribbon here, but you can bet they'll have brown velvet for Thanksgiving, and red for Christmas! 

I continue to be inspired by holidays, traditions and my favorite things in life. It's a joy to be surrounded memories, traditions, fun and people that mean the most in life.

Needlepoint tells a story. I always tell beginners to "stitch something you love". Sure, there are many benefits and gifts of needlepoint. One is surely the stories the stitches tell. 

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