All About Threads

All About Threads

Choosing threads for a needlepoint project can be overwhelming, but it doesn't have to be. 

Needlepoint is should be relaxing and enjoyable. If threads are causing you grief - just simplify! There is absolutely nothing wrong with using the same type of fiber throughout an entire project. I do this often! You do what works best for you. Don't compare yourself to other stitchers - you do you. 

Some threads are strandable, meaning they consist of multiple strands of fibers and you must separate them to create the desired thickness for different projects and stitches. Splendor + Planet Earth Ply Silk are very popular, and lovely strandable threads. 

I prefer a single, twisted thread. Things I look for in a thread: color, coverage, the way it feels gliding through the canvas. I encourage you to stitch with different types threads to see what you prefer. You may be surprised. Everyone is different, and that's what makes this hobby so enjoyable and entertaining. And gives us so much to talk about! 

Some single threads are better for 18 mesh and some for 13, wheras some threads can be used for both.  Everyone has strong opinions about threads, like most things in life and needlepoint. See for yourself. I find that I go through phases on what I like to stitch with.  Right now I'm crazy about Pepper Pot on 13 mesh. I know, right? Try it. Thanks, Heather!

I've created this chart to help you explore different types of threads, and I hope you find it helpful. It's a great guide, but it's not the gospel. Let's commit to trying a new thread this year? I'll try a strandable. Deal?


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