Cocktail Napkin Do's

Cocktail Napkin Do's

Fine linen cocktail napkins are a lovely way to enhance any occasion, especially when the design is fun and sparks conversation!  

The needlepoint life is one of beauty, connection and hospitality. And there is no better way to welcome your guests into your home than with a delicious beverage, and a needlepoint cocktail napkin. Designing a collection of needlepoint cocktail napkins is something I've been dreaming about for a long time. I'm continuously inspired by the the traditions of hospitality that are always present when stitchers gather, and the need for a needlepoint themed surcee for needlepoint friends!

One can never have too many cocktail napkins, as they should be readily available at every event and offered with every drink. If someone offers you a cocktail napkin, be sure to take it. And if it's linen, and not paper, you may certainly use the same napkin for several rounds of drinks. If paper, a fresh napkin should be offered with each round.

Ladies, try to avoid getting any lipstick on a linen napkin. And gentleman, please don't put the linen napkin in your pocket and accidentally take it home with you!  Kindly check your pockets before you leave. 😉

Embroidered linen cocktail napkins should be gently washed at a low temperature or hand-washed to preserve the embroidery design. For a more relaxed and modern look, tumble the napkins until they are just damp and then lay them out to dry completely.  Lightly iron. 

Cocktail napkins are traditionally used during cocktail hour, but because of their versatility, they are perfect for any occasion. Cheers!




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