Cooking is LOVE!

Cooking is LOVE!

Thanks to your generous support of this year's Chart for Charity design "Cooking is Love" I'm beyond grateful to make a donation of over $500 to World Central Kitchen! 

Delicious meals are a way that we give and receive love, there is no doubt. While needlepoint nourishes our creativity, delicious food nourishes our bodies, and cooking nourishes our souls. I've always been so impressed with the work of World Central Kitchen. I'm honored share their story and support these everyday superheros.  Watch WE FEED PEOPLE on Disney + to learn more about WCK's founder and their mission. 

I can't wait to see your stitched and finished designs hanging in your kitchens and shared with those who are known for their loving meals. 

Big thanks y'all! You're the best. 

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