Favorite Needlepoint Things

Favorite Needlepoint Things

No matter what you’re doing, having the right accessories and tools makes all the difference in the world. Needlepoint is no exception.  Having the right accessories that fit your liking and preference makes stitching easier and more enjoyable.  Sometimes it’s trial and error. What works for other people may not work for you and vice versa.

I want to share a few of my favorite needlepoint things with you.  These have all changed my stitching and made it more fun! 

A Needle Threader - the LoRan hook kind are my favorite.  Jiffy ones, not so much.  I can’t thread a needle without a threader.  My mind is blown EVERY time I watch you thread a needle without one. The LoRan hook kind seems harder to find these days.  I usually pick mine up at Amazon in bulk for a few bucks.  Can’t live without them.

Scissors - Very sharp scissors. Rainbow Thread Cutters - they come in pink and lavender!  They are relatively inexpensive and they get the job done!  Both for snipping threads and opening skeins. These are my new favorite inexpensive scissors.  Try them! Obsessed.

My new scissor discovery is the Cohana Mini Scissor by Seki.  Y'alll. I can't. Their website states, “Despite its small size, the cute mini scissors have great cutting ability! It will quickly become your favorite too. It will travel anywhere with you, like a reliable companion, ready to snip any thread, string, or yarn in your kit. These mini scissors are made in Seki, which is Japan’s foremost cutlery-making town. They are made with the same time-tested, reliable craftsmanship as the best fabric shears.  The small silk tassels are carefully handmade by Imasato, a specialist in tassels and knots, founded in 1907. For over 100 years, Imasato has been making tassels for ornamentation of traditional handicraft items such as paper lanterns. Each scissor comes with a high-quality, leather cover.

Tapestry Needles - Maybe I’m a needle snob, but I love a good needle.  John James (yellow and black packaging) tapestry needle have been around for over 100 years. Manufactured in the the UK they are known for their quality and reliability.  These are fine needles that I include in my canvases. Do try a John James needle if haven’t. Better yet, order one of our new canvases and I’ll send you one.  😉

Another favorite needle of mine are Tulip Needles. Tulips are made in Japan and are very smooth, flexible and strong.  They are very sharp and the eye is slightly larger so all threads thread easily. Even velvet! And because they are so smooth it makes stitching really easy which allows you to stitch longer with less fatigue. This is always a plus.  If you’ve never tried a Tulip needle, I encourage you to do so.  A pack of 6 needles is around ten bucks. I have many friends that can’t tell a difference from one needle to the next. But if you can, you’ll enjoy the smoothness and easy of stitching a high-quality needle like Tulip brings.

If you don’t have a Snag-Nab-It you need a Snag-Nag-It. (I just like saying Snag-Nab-It) It’s a tiny tool that cost around two dollars.  It repairs any snags and pushes /pulls any threads back through to the backside.  Especially that wild hair in Silk Lame Braid that sometimes pokes out.  This pushes it back down. Can’t live without it. 

Last two things - LIGHT! Can’t stitch what you can’t see! A hobby light or desk light is a great option.  But get a light if you don’t have one!  You may think you can see just fine, but trust me - WHOLE different ballgame with a light.  Changes the game. 

And lastly, Merry L Needleworks Collapsible Thread Catcher!  I don’t leave home with out it. 

Happy Stitching!



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