International Women's Day

International Women's Day

While I'm not a fan of fake holidays, I will always celebrate the power and strength of women while embracing our femininity.

Why am I writing about needlepoint on International Women's Day? Well, needlepoint offers a unique opportunity to cultivate relationships and forge profound friendships with strong, creative and inspiring women. The relationships among the sisterhood of needlepointers is price. 

Now, please allow me to clarify. Numerous esteemed educators, skilled stitchers, shop owners, and designers happen to be men. The beauty of needlepoint resonates with people from diverse backgrounds and interests without a doubt. Needlepoint is for all!  What I am celebrating today is the strength of inter-generational friendships among women who needlepoint. My needlepoint girlfriends are invaluable, and I am grateful for their presence, wisdom, humor and friendship.

Needlepointers love a trip, whether for a day or overnight, to indulge ourselves in stitching, learning and shopping! We have the best time laughing, bonding and stitching when we're together. These escapades are a part of our needlepoint life, always giving us something to look forward to.

I designed this needlepoint toile print to commemorate a needlepoint life, to take us on a needlepoint journey. This motif in our needlepoint toile celebrates the many excursions we take with our needlepoint sisters. 

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