Ladies of Season 1

Ladies of Season 1

I sent the loveliest of ladies 2023 Sisterhood Scarves this week. These remarkable women were so gravcous and joined me as guests in Season 1 of my needlepoint podcast. I will be forever grateful for their sharing, as well as their trust and support. You can find episodes on Spotify, Apple Podcasts and YouTube! But we have a new name With Love, Mary Katherine formerly Needlepoint Living. Check us out! 

These women are essential threads in the canvas that is the needlepoint sisterhood. They inspire, encourage, educate and support other women to follow their dreams and live their best lives through the values needlepoint cultivates like balance, community, creativity and peace. 

I'm so grateful for my inner circle of needlepoint friends - they keep be laughing and on my toes. Most importantly they are always near wherever I need them and are constant sources of friendship, grace, encouragement and inspiration. 

I could not have imaged how close I would be come with so many of you since I launched my designs earlier this year! This community of needlepointers is a true gift and certainly a highlight of this beloved hobby and raft. The overwhelming majority of needlepointers are incredibly supportive, gracious and engaging. This sisterhood of intergenerational women are generous with their knowledge and are always finding ways to educate and encourage by sharing their projects, wisdom, experience and insights with other stitchers.  

The needlepoint sisterhood is full of remarkable women. I look forward to sharing more of your stories in 2024! 

with love, 

Mary Katherine 



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