March/April 2023

March/April 2023

What a treat it is to get to share a little bit of myself, my love of needlepoint and my designs with you. Thank you for being here.

March was a whirlwind. The month began with the announcement that Mary Katherine Needlepoint Designs is official. I shared the first designs and the catalyst for the brand, our 5 Advent Candles from The Advent Collection. The initial response was overwhelming and simply thrilling.  I am thrilled to announce that Stefanie Chase, The Joy of Needlepoint, is designing a stitch guide for the Advent Candles. What a dream! If you know Stefanie, or have stitched from one of her guides you know how talented and brilliant her work is. I have seen some sneak peaks as she's stitching them and y'all, I'm truly blown away.  They are more than I could have ever hoped for.  And I cannot wait for you to see them! 

I've visited quite a few shops in March, with more visits planned in the coming weeks.  All have been so helpful and kind to me. I will always be tremendously grateful for this. They have shared their knowledge, opinions, insights and have connected me with others.  I've reached out to other designers and industry members that have been nothing but supportive, encouraging and helpful. I couldn't have gotten this far without there direction and support. They've graciously answered my questions, as well as openly shared things that I didn't know I needed to know THANK YOU. 

April is a month of design. I hope and plan to be at market in Dallas in October. Which is crazy-exciting, it's exciting and it's crazy. October will be here before we know it, and I have many designs to get to canvas before then.  Learning to create and keep routine and schedule that  works for me will be key.  I'm still working on finding it.  I need to carve out chunks of time to design, stitch, paint, market, communicate, and engage on social media. And I haven't found my groove yet, but I'm getting close. I think. Fingers crossed. Suggestions are always welcome!

Oh!  And there are some Meet + Greets, classes coming up that will be featuring our designs and some "new to needlepoint" classes coming up this summer and this fall - so stay tuned! 

Thank you for being here and for joining me on this journey.




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