Needlepoint & Advent

Needlepoint & Advent

Our Advent Candles were the very first canvases I designed.  Advent has always been a particularly meaningful time of year for me personally, but this year is particularly exciting as it's the first Advent season with these designs in the world. It's absolutely humbling and thrilling that so many of you all have been drawn to these designs and are stitching them for your homes. 

Advent is the first season of the liturgical church calendar dedicated to the anticipation and preparation for the birth of Jesus. Advent is observed in most Christian denominations, but each denomination, church and family have their own traditions and practices. 

The Advent wreath is a common practice in many churches and homes.  As one would imagine there is symbolism and meaning in all elements of the Advent wreath: the specific greenery used to form the wreath, the shape of the wreath itself, the candles, the hues, the act of lighting the candles, etc.  

My hope in designing our Advent Collection is that these designs provide peace and calm during this busy time of year. I hope that you and your family find meaningful ways to incorporate these needlepoint treasures into your holiday season for generations to come. 

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