needlepoint handbags

needlepoint handbags

Summer is the season for needlepoint handbags and totes!

A needlepoint handbag or tote is a great way to incorporate needlepoint into your summer style. It's a great conversation starter, people love to see the beauty of your stitching, and the creativity of the designs. Lycette, The Lady Derby, Penny Linn Designs and Rachel Barri Designs have all done a lovely job creating original and elevated ways to finish and self-finish needlepoint projects into handbags. I have a feeling this is a trend that isn't going anywhere! I'm here for it. 

I have the most creative friends, and a few of them have made their very own summer needlepoint bags. I'm always inspired and encouraged by the work of my needlepoint friends. I have asked two of them, Heidi and Tamara, if I could share their bags with you! I hope this provides you with inspiration and encouragement to explore your own ideas.

My friend, Heidi, imagined and created this beautiful natural and black checkered tote. 

She changed the colors on the fabulous snake design from The Plum Stitchery, and found the bag at T.J. Maxx!  While I love the original colors, the color change really make this feel summery and makes the needlepoint POP against the checkered tote.

Marshalls and TJ Maxx usually have their straw summer bags on clearance this time of year! Wink.  

She finished the ornament herself, just like you would finish a hanging ornament, and then used E6000 craft clue to attach the ornament to the bag around the cording.  She can now simply remove the cording to free the ornament from the tote without harming the finished ornament. Straw bags like this don't look great forever. They show wear and tear easily due to their fragile nature.  In my experience, I usually only get one (MAYBE two) seasons out of a straw tote.  And let's be honest, I usually want a new one every season anyway. Heidi planned ahead: when the bag has to go, the needlepoint can stay!  Brilliant. 

I'm especially drawn to the elements of the irregular shape of the ornament, the curves of the snake and the woven checkered bag coming together. It's fun, a little funky, original and unexpected. And I LOVE it!  Bravo, Heidi! 

Next up is Tamara's bag! 

She found the bag on Amazon, and stitched this darling Rachel Barri round and added her initial in the center. Those tassels y'all!

The bag is the perfect size: not too big, not too small, and it has handles AND a crossbody strap. But what I LOVE LOVE LOVE is the circular shape of the bag that enhances the round ornament.  It looks like they were meant to be together. I usually prefer the shape of the ornament to mimic the shape of the bag. 

Tamara finished the round as an ornament, and then stitched an additional layer of fabric onto the backside of the ornament to protect the ornament from the glue. She attached the round to the bag with E6000 craft glue. When she tires of the bag or it starts to show wear and tear, she can simply snip the ornament free without damaging the needlepoint or finished ornament. This women think of everything, I tell you!


I am forever inspired by the ways others stitch and finish their needlepoint, aren't you?

There are many fabulous options out there if you're looking for a summer needlepoint bag, but as these two creative friends have done, you can always let your imagination run wild and create something of your very own!  It will be one of a kind, just like these gals!   



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