Q + A

Q + A

13 or 18 count?


Favorite place to stitch?

At home, on my couch, watching sports or Law & Order reruns!

Tell us about your logo?

I knew I wanted something unexpected, and a strong and sophisticated color, but something that didn’t detract from the designs themselves or speak too loudly.  A rich chocolate brown fit the bill, and I love it! 

And the pale mauve-pink is feminine and light, and balances the weight of the brown nicely. It just felt right. 

Needlepoint designs are so personal, I knew I wanted to use my name in the brand. Mary Katherine are my first and middle names.

What inspires you?

The world around me! I’m fortunate to see possibilities for needlepoint designs in the natural world, my faith, architecture, traditions, places and people I love the most. 


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