Rabbit rabbit rabbit!

Rabbit rabbit rabbit!

Every year, it seems as though we all deserve an award for enduring the month of January. We did it, y'all! Hello, February! 

Last year was a remarkable year for me, and one full of unexpected change and pivots. On January 31 of 2023, I lost my job due to a company layoff. Blindsided.

Never would I have imaged that I'd be doing this one year later. Designing needlepoint canvases and running a growing online needlepoint business? Never. But I'm so grateful that I am. 

I have great expectations for 2024, don't you? In April I'll turn 40, we'll celebrate our first anniversary of MKND this summer, and we'll delight in all of the wonder and delight that 2024 has in store!

My greatest passion is to inspire others to live their very best lives through the values needlepoint cultivates. Life is simply better when there is community, creativity, a quiet mind and busy hands. Our mission and vision are defined. We're ready to create, celebrate and cultivate in 2024. Let's make the most of February, shall we?



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