special scissors?

special scissors?


Yes! Having the right tools make all the difference in the world. 

A great pair of embroidery scissors improves and enhances your needlepoint experience. The blades on embroidery scissors are short, narrow and very sharp compared to other scissors. The tips are pointy and fine.

Sharp and narrow blades cut your threads cleanly without shredding the thread. This keeps your work neater, and simply makes the whole process more enjoyable. A cleaner cut of your threads make it easier to thread your needle too!

A fine and pointy tip allows you snip closely to your stitches. The sharp point is helpful to get into the stitches when removing unwanted stitches.

Embroidery scissors are small to very small. The small size allows for more more control and accuracy.

I own and use every pair of embroidery scissors in our collection. These are my favorite for difference reasons.

Some travel extremely well and have a great price point: Super Snips! A pair of Super Snips are literally in every bag, purse, tote, drawer in my house and vehicle. Airplane friendly too!

The Seki mini scissors are even smaller than the Super Snips and yes, they do have a hirer prices point. However I think the sharpness of these scissors surpass Super Snips and they stay sharp longer. Totally worth the additional cost, in my book. And how cute are they? I mean, really? And the new ones with the drawstring pouch are beyond. It's hard to choose a favorite, but these may be them.

And of course, the absolutely stunning and indulgent Cohana pair! These are real treat and a treasure. These are so many stitchers favorite for good reason. You'll have to check out their product page to read all about what makes them so special. I was hesitant to get these for myself, but when I did and started using them I'm so glad that I did. You could cut multiple skeins at one time with one snip. They are incredibly sharp, and so beautiful. I love this color. And they are super lightweight. In the photos they look like they would be heavy, but they aren't!

And stork embroidery scissors are just classics, right? I bought these to go into a scissor case that I stitched when I was a beginner stitcher. My stork scissors always sit on an end table by my stitching chair in that needlepoint scissor case. Guests always pick up the case and the scissors . It's a great conversation starter, "Did you make this?"

If you need a new pair of scissors, I hope you try one of these. I trust you won't be disappointed. Remember, the right tool (which sometimes means a new tool) makes all the difference.

Happy snipping!

with love, Mary Katherine


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