Sunday Mornings

Sunday Mornings

On Sundays mornings you will usually find me doing one of three things: having coffee with my parents, attending Holy Eucharist at the Episcopal Church or watching CBS Sunday Morning and stitching. 

I’m so grateful to live close to my parents which hasn’t always been the case. Some Sunday mornings I drive over to their home, still in my jammies, and visit and drink of coffee with them. I cherish this time and treasure these visits.  

When I lived in New York City my office was on the same block as Saint Thomas Church on Fifth Avenue.  Saint Thomas is a gorgeous Episcopal church right in the heart of Manhattan, and just a few blocks from Saint Patrick’s Cathedral and Rockefeller Center. Saint Thomas is known for its liturgy and music. The Saint Thomas Choir of Men and Boys is known throughout the world and it was a real treat to hear them sing on Sundays and at other services throughout the week. Saint Thomas introduced me to the Anglican traditions and the Book of Common Prayer.  I worship many Sundays at the beautiful Episcopal Church in town and will be received by the Bishop in August.

When I’m not doing one of the things above, I’m watching CBS Sunday Morning and stitching!  If you’re not familiar with this morning show, you’re really missing out.  There is so much yucky “news” out there. Well, CBS Sunday Morning is lovely. There is a quick update of the day’s news (real news) and national weather, and then come the longer-length segments on a variety of topics, from architecture to ballet to music to pop culture to politics. It’s a pleasure to take in. 

My Sunday mornings are a time for family, faith and stitching. And reading and afternoon naps too! Needless to say, no Sunday Scaries here! 

I wish you a fun Sunday doing the things that bring you joy! 



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