sketches of Advent candles

The Beginning of a Brand

Mary Katherine creates bespoke hand-painted needlepoint designs that are fresh, evocative and fun. 

Christmas of 2022, Mary Katherine Sosebee was decorating for the season and came upon the idea to stitch Advent candles, finish them as stand-ups and display them on a mantle or buffet. While searching for Advent designs, she couldn’t find what she was looking for. Unable to shake the idea of an Advent candle series, she began designing one for herself. Encouraged by her local needlepoint shop owner (KT Ryan of The Needletree in Greenville, SC), as well as other needlepoint artist and designers she decided to make the designs available others. Once she started, she couldn’t stop. The spark was lit and the ideas kept coming. She began Mary Katherine Needlepoint Designs, LLC in early 2023.

A stitcher first, she designs canvases that she wants to stitch and cannot find elsewhere.  Her designs naturally offer the stitcher possibilities in regards to stitches, fibers, colors and finishing. For her, the possibilities are one of the many things that make needlepoint so delightful.

Mary Katherine loves everything about a needlepoint shop! The walls and stacks of canvases, seeing all of the fibers…but mostly, the inspiration and sense of community a needlepoint provides. It was a natural fit to offer her designs exclusively to local needlepoint shops, knowing that a local shop could best serve the stitcher of her designs. 

Her first collection arrives in the summer of 2023, The Advent Collection, that includes five candles and five rounds with additional additions, designs and collections in Fall 2023. 

Mary Katherine was born and reared in Clemson, South Carolina.  After spending years in New York City working in luxury retail, she returned home to be close to the people and places she loved the most. She now lives in her small southern college hometown among family, close friends and her dog, Penny, and is ready to meet the man of her dreams. 

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