The Future's So Bright

The Future's So Bright

Needlepoint is not only beautiful, it's quite durable. And even more so depending on the fibers you use. This was one of my first projects I purchased on a girls weekend in Charleston. I still use it as a sunglass case today!

Belts, key fobs, loafers, luggage rack straps, pictures frames and cummerbunds are just a few ways to incorporate needlepoint into things you use and wear. 

Lifestyle accessories are especially satisfying projects because they offer a lifetime (or more!) of use and good cheer!  They are great for personal use and gifts too!

In preparation for market in October I'm working on new designs! Wearables and useable are often rather quick projects that are really fun to stitch, so I'm thrilled to be adding a few lifestyle designs to our collection this fall.   Stay tuned...

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